General Towing FAQs

To Tow You Need 3 Things...

  1. The Tow Vehicle
  2. A Towing Package
  3. The Trailer

Match the Tow Vehicle & the Trailer

This part is very important in the process. Do not take the advice here lightly because failure to correctly match the tow vehicle and the trailer could lead to serious accidents or problems.

Neither the vehicle nor the trailer alone can determine the right hitch for the situation. They work together, and in no case should the trailer's Gross Trailer Weight (GTW) and Tongue Weight (TW) exceed the vehicle's maximum towing capacity.

See the image below for the correct vehicle to trailer ratios.

Our HITCH SEARCH can determine the correct hitch for your specific vehicle.

Some vehicles have a style associated with them. The images below show specific styles for car, truck and truck bumpers.