General Towing FAQs

To Tow You Need 3 Things...

  1. The Tow Vehicle
  2. A Towing Package
  3. The Trailer

Info On Tow Vehicle & Trailer

The basis of every towing package - and the first thing to select - is the hitch.

Before you begin the hitch selection process it's important that you realize that the hitch by itself will not provide you with the ability to tow.

To select the right hitch, you need to know information about your tow vehicle and trailer.

  1. Tow Vehicle:
  2. Make and model
  3. Model year
  4. Passenger or station wagon, truck or van
  5. Two or four doors
  6. Manual or automatic transmission
  7. Vehicle's maximum towing capacity
  1. Trailer:
  2. Trailer type
  3. Gross trailer weight
  4. Tongue weight
  5. Coupler socket size
  6. Does the trailer already have safety chains
  7. Where you plan to tow and under what geographic conditions

In addition to the hitch, you must have towing components such as a hitch ball and or ball mount, wiring, safety chains and automatic transmission cooler in order to safely and legally tow.