Husky 10 Composite Slider For Silver Series Fifth Wheels Husky
(Husky Part #: 32042)
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Made to be used in conjunction with Husky Silver Series fifth wheels.

The Husky 10 Composite slider is Husky's premium solution for towing fifth wheel trailers with a short bed pickup. One of the big advantages of a short bed pickup is a short wheel base which gives it a shorter turning radius and greater maneuverability around town and in the campground.

The shorter wheel base also means that the rear axle of the truck is located closer to the pickup cab. Because fifth wheel trailer king pins should be attached just ahead of the rear axle can place the front of the trailer uncomfortably close to the pickup cab when making tight turns such as backing into your favorite camping spot.

Enter Husky's innovative fifth wheel mounting system, the Husky 10 composite slider, which temporarily positions the kingpin 10 inches behind the cruising location so low speed truck and trailer maneuvers can be executed without worries of the trailer coming into contact with the truck's cab.

Another great feature of the Husky 10 is the operating handle design, which allows the operator to latch and unlatch the slide mechanism without concern for the trailer's angle because the latch cannot bind. It automatically activates, allowing the trailer to move back for tight turns. When repositioned, it will also latch automatically again when the kingpin is back at optimal cruising position just ahead of the axle.


    FitsHusky Silver Series Fifth Wheels
    GTW26,000 lbs
    Installation InstructionsCLICK HERE
    Product Video CLICK HERE


    • Offers 10 extra inches of travel rearward for adequate trailer/cab clearance.
    • Quiet due to the reduction of metal-tometal contact
    • Easy-to-operate ergonomically designed handle and latching mechanism; no more pulling and twisting of a handle
    • The travel is on two compatible composite materials designed for long wear, high loads and resistance to the elements
    • Fits the industry standard rails

    Not Included:

    • Silver Series Fifth Wheel Head
    Installation Instructions CLICK HERE

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