Dicor Valve Extenders
( Part #: 32085)

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Makes hard-to-reach inner dual valve stems easily accessible for proper tire inflation. A stabilizer bracket snaps into a hand hole to keep the extender centered for easy access. The LS series combines the strength and flexibility of a long-lasting hydraulic hose with the extra protection of heat treated stainless steel braid. The exclusive live stem inner core technology utilizes a floating valve stem that is activated only when air is added or removed from the tire. Hose fits every time. Installation requires no special adjustments and provides increased protection against tire deflation should the valve extender be damaged. For inner duals only. 2-pack. Fits 16 inch, 1992 to current Ford E-350, 8 hand hole. Also fits 16 inch, 16-1/2 inch and 19-1/2 inch and most 22-1/2 inch.


    • Valve extenders feature exclusive inner core technology that provides increased protection against tire deflation
    • The pressure remains in the tire should the valve extender incur damage
    • A long-lasting hydraulic hose combines with heat-treated stainless braid that will not kink to ensure extra protection
    • Unlike competitive products, installation requires no special adjustment


    • (2) 5-3/4 inch valve extenders and stabilizer brackets

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