Dicor Products VHS Series Inflation System
( Part #: 32086)

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Presenting the only four-hose air system designed exclusively for Dicor's Versa Liner™ wheel simulators. The Versa Liner Hose System (Air-Gard™ VHS Series) allows easy access to both inner and outer dual wheels for inflating tires or checking pressure. Flexible braided stainless steel wraps around a hydraulic hose, preventing it from kinking or forming weak spots as a rubber hose would. VHS Series hoses mount easily to your valve stems, using the included stainless steel mounting brackets. No drilling, pop-rivets or special tools are required. Air-Gard VHS Series fits every time with no adjustments necessary.


    • A solid tip with a long collar and clean, uniform crimping means no air leaks from swiveling ends, or o-rings which can compress and deteriorate over time
    • Unlike many competitive products, Air-Gard hoses won’t kink when bent, a major cause of weakness in competitive rubber hoses
    • With the capability of withstanding heat up to 500º F, the hydraulic hose handles heat well. Its burst pressure of more than 13,000 psi represents superior strength
    • Plus, even at 16 times stronger than competitive NBR rubber hoses, the hydraulic hose bends easily yet won’t kink like rubber hoses
    • The braided stainless steel covering increases the hose resistance to heat and chemicals which are common to large vehicle applications
    • The covering is flexible, non-kinking and heat-treated for added durability


    • 4 hoses for inner and outer wheels

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