Bulldog Velocity Series™ High Speed Jack W/ Remote Bulldog
(Bulldog Part #: 185400)


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For OEM and aftermarket industrial, horse & livestock and RV applications. Mounts without welding and requires no hydraulic oil, hoses or pumps. Fully powered - 12,000 lbs capacity per leg with proprietary high-speed system. 24 inches of travel.

  • Combine TWO 185400 jacks in tandem for 24,000 lbs lift capacity.


Lift Capacity12,000 lbs / 24,000 lbs pair
Travel24 inches
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  • Resists corrosion with premium powder coat finish
  • Equipped with manual override in case of power loss
  • 5 year limited warranty


  • Remote


1919 - In a small third floor room over his car dealership in Wausau, Wisconsin, Thomas J. Jacob begins making high-quality precision tools of his own design. His venture becomes known as the Hammer Blow Tool Company. The death of a favorite hunting dog due to an accident involving a poorly-designed trailer hitch leads Jacob to develop the first drop-forged ball-and-socket trailer hitch, which he names the "Never Lets Go" Bull Dog. More inventions follow, positioning Hammer Blow at the forefront of the trailer industry at its infancy.

1930's - Demonstration models of camper trailers built by Jacob at the Chicago World's Fair set off a period of rapid growth in the industry.

1940's - Jacob dies in 1945. His wife, Lula, takes over Hammer Blow and guides it with great success for more than 20 years.

1960's - In 1967, Lula Jacob sells Hammer Blow to Neway Equipment Company of Muskegon, Michigan, which later sells to Lear Siegler, Inc.

1970's - In 1977, private investors led by Thomas J. Reinhart purchase and rename The HammerBlow Corporation. Expansion of the mechanical jack line and related products continues for more than a decade.

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