40K Bulldog BX1 Gooseneck Coupler For 3" Ball Bulldog
(Bulldog Part #: 128920)

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The Bulldog BX1 40,000 lb. 3" ball gooseneck coupler is the only adjustable gooseneck coupler with a rating exceeding 30,000 pounds. This huge capacity is made possible by incorporating advantages designed into the popular Bulldog BX1 30,000 lb. gooseneck coupler, which was introduced in 2012. The primary visible differences include a square tube and the shift to a 3" design. A force transfer feature was added to the casting to provide the additional strength needed for the 40,000 lb. rating.

The 3" ball coupler is optimized for ultra-heavy duty gooseneck trailering applications, including motorsports transporters, trailers used in oil fields and heavy dump trailers.

Like the original BX1, the 40,000 lb. version incorporates an improved coupling mechanism that includes a 50 percent larger bottom locking plate to guide the ball into the socket more smoothly. This element provides higher damage resistance in addition to higher capacity. It offers two-position adjustability and a rigid, anti-rattle telescoping tube design.

The Bulldog BX1 40,000 lb. 3" ball gooseneck coupler showcases other BX1 advances, including a locking handle that can be operated easily with one hand and an increased ball and coupler roll angle to manage stresses from uneven terrain better. Opposing clinches provide greater pullout strength and a high articulation angle. Many other modern innovations improve security, service life and functionality. All have been rigorously tested. EVERYTHING you can expect from a Bulldog


    Ball Size3"
    Rating40,000 lbs
    Installation InstructionsCLICK HERE


    • Features quad set bolts
    • 3 holes for two position adjustment
    • Locking pin assembly

    Not Included:

    Installation Instructions CLICK HERE


    1919 - In a small third floor room over his car dealership in Wausau, Wisconsin, Thomas J. Jacob begins making high-quality precision tools of his own design. His venture becomes known as the Hammer Blow Tool Company. The death of a favorite hunting dog due to an accident involving a poorly-designed trailer hitch leads Jacob to develop the first drop-forged ball-and-socket trailer hitch, which he names the "Never Lets Go" Bull Dog. More inventions follow, positioning Hammer Blow at the forefront of the trailer industry at its infancy.

    1930's - Demonstration models of camper trailers built by Jacob at the Chicago World's Fair set off a period of rapid growth in the industry.

    1940's - Jacob dies in 1945. His wife, Lula, takes over Hammer Blow and guides it with great success for more than 20 years.

    1960's - In 1967, Lula Jacob sells Hammer Blow to Neway Equipment Company of Muskegon, Michigan, which later sells to Lear Siegler, Inc.

    1970's - In 1977, private investors led by Thomas J. Reinhart purchase and rename The HammerBlow Corporation. Expansion of the mechanical jack line and related products continues for more than a decade.

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